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2010.08.04: I Don't Want To Speak Too Soon

... but the phoenix may have once again risen from the ashes. I've started production on the third incarnation of the Revenrock project. What basically killed every previous incarnation was the tedious nature of 3D modeling and animation. After several hours (and by hours, I do, in fact, mean years) of studying the world's best dungeon crawler, Diablo II, I have decided to attempt a Qt based 2D rendition of Revenrock. Armed with Inkscape and a reinspired passion for the project, there is progress afoot! Enjoy.

2009.06.11: And We're Back (Asshats Part III)

After a particularly long drought, which I apologize for, we are back up and running. The security issues involving the ass hats of the intertubes have been resolved. It now requires a user name and password to edit the contents of a page. So, to all my past contributees, if you would like to continue editing, send me an e-mail and I'll set you up with an account. To celebrate our return, I've decided to actually create the pages for a project which has been listed since our inception but has never had a site of its own: FreeSide. Despite its many iterations, it is now being actively developed, so check back often to watch the progress. Enjoy.

2009.01.15: A New Project

I got a MIDI keyboard for Christmas and have begun the quest to relearn how to play the piano. The first step in that quest is learning how to read sheet music. Unfortunately, the sheet music in my piano book doesn't have any built in error checking, so I decided to write a program that would display a note on a staff and read from my MIDI keybaord and tell my if I got it right or not. For those that thought all we could make were games, this project is proof of our diversification. Enjoy.

2009.01.07: Asshats Part II

Apparently the asshats of the intertubes don't want me to leave this site editable by the public, so I am hereby taknig down that ability. Sorry everybody, but the asshats have ruined it for everyone. Their final message is shown bellow with the advertising links removed:

Hello, im from Gergia. It is great to see that, although you have been through all of this, your passion lives on potatoes Keep up the good work!!! coffee foot, coffee tiny, turkey, Best regards from regular visitor of your site. ;)
I hope they're happy because their reign of asshattery is over. When I get some more free time, I'll transition the site over to a secure editing method. The wiped content will be put back up as soon as I get home and access the most recent backup, which was completed before I reinstated the public editing, so I know it has everything.

p.s. Though it is comforting to know that I have at least one regular visitor, I only wish (s)he were less of an asshat.

2008.12.24: Asshats blocked (for now)

I have implemented a non-invasive way for the public at large to continue editing the content without allowing bots to auto-update pages with their add content. We'll see how long it lasts. If someone or something manages to figure it out again, I'll probably have to go to a user and password system. I'd really rather not do that, but if the asshats prevail, my hand will be forced. On the plus side, with this new implentation, will come the continued update of new content, so keep checking out the pages, as updates are being made daily. Enjoy

2008.12.08: Asshats

I didn't want to have to do this, but it seems that the asshats of the internet have found my site, so I've temporarilty taken down the ability to edit pages. Someone (most probably a bot) thought that links to their ad sites were better than my content, so, no more editing until I figure out how I'm going to deal with this.

2008.12.07: New Fractal Racer Content

A lot of new content for the Fractal Racer Project has been uploaded. Be sure the check out the Tracks, the Model Showcase, the page on Interpolation, and the Static Mesh Translator. Enjoy.

2008.11.03: A New Project

As the difficulty of completing the Revenrock project approached a vertical asymptote, I took a step back and thought long and hard about what I liked the most about games. I realized that while I love writting story content, I absolutely abhore having to sit through someone else's story to get to the good part, i.e. the game play. Then I remembered my first love: Gran Turismo. While I would absolutely love to remake Gran Turismo, I don't think it would be feasible for me, so I remembered my second love: Wipeout. Such a game doesn't require any of the things that make an action RPG difficult to code (that I've thought of yet, anyways), so I figured I'd give it a go. Thus the new project: Fractal Racer. Enjoy.

2008.10.06: A Few Things

The front page has been ignored for far too long, so this post is going to cover multiple updates.

The Revenrock Project is official. We are working under the direction of Dr. Yong Cao, a CS professor at Virginia Tech. The first playable demo should be released around Christmas.

There is now a Model Showcase for the Revenrock project. Right now, the first two temples have been uploaded. The third should follow shortly.

The renouned musician Brett Workman has agreed to compose and record the score for the game. Many thanks are extended to him and everyone he works with.

There is a Middleware Showcase to show off the tools that take content from our artists and manipulate it to make it usable in our game engine. Enjoy.

2008.07.12: New Revenrock Content

No links today. Just a note to let all of our readers know that there have been precisely 3.72 metric boat loads of content added to the Revenrock pages. Go check it out. There's a bunch of great stuff in there and no, the skill tree has not been completed, so don't get too excited. Enjoy.

2008.06.29: Terrain Height Map

I've spent the past few days tweaking experimenting with terragen and have come up with what I consider to be one of the coolest heightmaps for a terrain ever. Check it out. Ten points and a gold star to the first person that can tell me what I see in it. Enjoy.

2008.06.23: Inspirational Galleries and a New Skill Tree Structure

I apparently felt like coding recently, as I've "finished" the long promised inspirational gallery code. The first and second galleries have been uploaded. No, I haven't taken down the foo gallery, and no, I don't know why.

Additionally, Revenrock's Skill Tree finally got the long needed restructuring it'd been begging for for the past couple of years. Check it out. Maybe now it will actually get populated. Enjoy.

2008.06.09: More Steel Gate Content

Don't get too excited about the proximity of this update to the previous one; I just didn't have enough time to render and upload this stuff two days ago. The design for the class 5 fighter and Energy Storage Unit have been finalized and uploaded. Also, I had a small spurt of inspiration and came up with names for the two factions. No, I still haven't put much effort into the back story itself, but I've never felt that was overly important for this project; so, the wait will just have to continue for that. Enjoy.

2008.06.07: Steel Gate Menu Layout

As promised, the second version of the menu layout for Project Steel Gate has been completed and uploaded. You can find it in the Menu subsection on the Project Steel Gate page. Enjoy.

2008.05.20: Updated Gallery & Wiki code

The image gallery received some major updates that significantly decreased the loading time for each page. The wiki-like editing feature (which I really need to come up with a better name for) received some minor usability updates.

You can look forward to some new Project Steel Gate content soon. The art department is about to complete version 2 of the menu layout. As soon as they're done, it'll get uploaded in a new section on the Project Steel Gate page. Enjoy.

2008.04.10: Wiki Update

The major bugs in the wiki-like editing feature have been knocked out. I'm not a really big fan of the wikimedia syntax, so all you can do is a direct edit of the page source. So long as I continue to not care for such meta-syntax as wikimedia, I don't see that changing. Every content page should now have an "edit" link at the top. Enjoy.

2008.03.30: New Steel Gate Content

I just finished uploading the new images for some of the fighter concepts I've been working on for Project Steel Gate. Head over to the Units page to check them out. Enjoy.

2008.01.04: A New Project

That's right, fair readers, we have started yet another project. One of my good friends draged me to a LAN party and forced me to play Supreme Commander for hours on end. Allow me to warn you about the game. If you like RTS games, you might not be doing much other than playing Supreme Commander for the foreseeable future. Anyways, as is typically the case, I now feel the need to build my own version of the game, so I started Project Steel Gate. Enjoy.

2007.10.22: The Power of Wiki

As inspired by the brilliance of wikipedia, I have begun to add a wiki feature to the content pages. Right now it is very immature and in all honesty, doesn't do much, but you will begin to notice an "edit" link appear on many pages, that one day in the future will provide the full functionality that its name implies. Enjoy.

2007.10.19: A Gallery Of Inspiration

There is a huge archive of old inspirational images that need to be uploaded now that I've got the beginings of a php gallery written for them. Work will commence on that ... as soon as I get around to it. Enjoy.

2007.10.12: A New Beginning

Deep in the dark of night, a single frustrated developer broods about, lamenting the string of recent failures. Out of that frustration, this site is born. Reaped from the ashes of a long dead project and updated to current design practices, this shrine to projects come and gone was built in a day. Let's see how long it takes for this to become one of those long since ingored works. Enjoy.

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