Welcome to the Land of Deprivation. None of the projects listed here will ever be completed, yet we vow to continue working on them until something new drives our attention elsewhere.

Welcome to Revenrock, a world where polytheism is a as common as the rise and fall of the sun ... assuming the sun rises. Revenrock is a single player RPG that pits high magic against high technology in an epic clash.

Project Steel Gate was inspired by several hours of playing Supreme Commander. Making either a turn based (a la War Hammer) or real time (a la Supreme Commander) strategy game has always been on the back of my conscience. This is the realization of that need.

I love racing games. They're all about game play with no story to get in the way of the fun. Thus, I have started a project to make one. Version 1.0 will essentially be a Wipeout knock off without all of the cool features (or nice graphics).

A simple program that increases one's ability to read sheet music by putting up a note on screen and reads from the selected MIDI input device to verify that the correct key was hit.

FreeSide is a derivative of the classic board game Risk, set in the distant future.

Found within is a small collection of imagery, stolen from the various dark corners of the internet, that keep the imagination active and happy.

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